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What goes well with flowers? //

@jets.pottery vases! Got to love when two local businesses come together.

Jet’s Pottery is a small hobby studio run by Jane based in the wonderful Oxfordshire town of Woodstock, alongside the World Heritage site of Blenheim Palace.

Jane first fell in love with clay completely by chance after spotting an advert for pottery lessons. Taking the decision to start to learn a new skill was one of the best decisions that she’d ever made.

Jet’s Pottery was born in 2019 with everything being made exclusively from Jane’s home studio.

“It is such a satisfying, and frustrating (!), thing to do. You can see and touch your progress; you can bring joy to yourself and to others; you can act like a child at Christmas every time you open the kiln; but you can also be hugely disappointed when things don’t go to plan; at the same time you can be amazed by what your ‘experiments’ or ‘accidents’ can achieve!

I hope you enjoy my pots as much as I enjoy making them.”

Jane have kindly lend me a selection of her stunning vases for a photoshoot I have in mind. In a meantime, I’m enjoying their beauty at home and thought I’d share it with you all too.

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